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Blue Albatross Media is more than a creative hub; it is a digital vertically integrated idea incubator to fruition facilitator. We assist your business, brand or project as a consultant, contractor or collaborator. In every role and at any rate, we’re here to help you win.

We take passion personally.

With a number of services to suite your problems, our creative & solution-based Albatross Approach™ is the best approach to long-term success. Whatever you vision entails, BLUE ALBATROSS MEDIA can assist in bringing it into fruition today.

Creative /Ghost Writing

Using the power of words, we create resonating campaigns. Services include Commercial writing, Script writing, Copywriting, Proofreading, Articles, Research, Podcast & Ghost writing.

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When your project needs creative input, a different prospective or even a more creative approach; BLUE ALBATROSS MEDIA is the teammate you always dreamed of.

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Domains/Domain school

We remove the dilemma of struggling with ideas and research in creating a good domain name. Educate, provide you one of ours or point you in the right direction to obtain one.


Websites are the digital backbone of all businesses online. We proudly own many sites and can help you get yours off the ground, update it or give it a whole new vibe.


Our media branding and marketing departments eliminating hurdles for businesses and organizations via our specialized marketing/branding tactics. Contact us today



Our brains at BLUE ALBATROSS MEDIA don’t sleep. We are always up working on new ideas in every field. We can’t produce it all, so we sell, license, or partner most of our great ideas.

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Creative problems? Need input/ideas and require our creative management. We provide creative assistance, direction, and if needed, oversite of a project or production.



Need sound effects for your project? Or how about SVG’s to make crafts or fashion decals? We have both and graphic images, most for free to boost your brand or business.

BLUE ALBATROSS MEDIA has many services to suit your business needs.

Your new secret weapon in your war for success.

Our mission is your success. We’re here to help in any way we can. We don’t seek accolades or fame; our only goal is to ensure your success. Rely on us for unique ideas and content that will propel your organization forward.

We promise to not only meet but surpass expectations. We utilize words, images, sounds, data and more to resonate and make lasting impressions that are not merely observed or listened to, but extremely marketable.

Your secret weapon in business. Incubated brands and LongFlight Marketing by BLUE ALBATROSS MEDIA.COM

“Blue Albatross Media went beyond the mere act service; they operated like real partners. They listened our vision and believed in it. Their creative branding and marketing strategy not only engaged but enlarged our audience… The results exceeded our expectations.”

Ready to catapult your brand into a new echelon?

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Let’s build something dope together.

Trust in us to be there for you with original ideas & content to propel your organizations success.

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